5 "Cheap" Resources to Get Your Online Business Off the Ground

Of all the books, seminars, tapes, CD’s, blogs, etc. that I’ve read, heard or watched, these 5 contain all the necessities that, if diligently followed and applied, will launch your internet based business and virtually guarantee it’s success.

I suggest that you read these in order to obtain optimal results:

1. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

It’s been 11 years since Kiyosaki wrote his first best-seller but it continues to retain it’s position near the top of almost every business book list. Why? In this tale of Kiyosaki’s two dads, the differences between how rich people think about the world and how poor people think about the world are clearly portrayed. The lesson of this book is that success in life starts between your ears. If you are not financially where you think you should be, then the first thing you need to do is start thinking like the people who are where you want to be.

2. “Cash Flow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki

What is the “cash flow quadrant”? Simply stated, it’s one of the four ways that people earn income: 1) As an employee, 2) as a self-employed person (i.e. doctors, lawyers, etc.), 3) Business Owner and 4) Investor. This book explains the differences between each of the quadrants and why it is desirable for you to move out of the “E” (employee) quadrant and into the “B” (business-owner) and “I” quadrants.

3. “The Four Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss

In “The Four Hour Workweek”, Mr. Ferriss introduces us to the “new rich”. These are people who may not have the most money, but they have enough “leveraged-income” to live the lifestyle that they want. He doesn’t stop there, though. Ferriss shows you how to, first, design your desired lifestyle and then shows you how to design your work around it. I can give personal examples of how this has worked in my life and the lives of several personal contacts who now enjoy the life they’ve always wanted.

4. “Internet Riches” by Scott Fox

Scott Fox has been involved in marketing on the internet since the early ’90’s – just after Al Gore invented it. He has been the consultant on many successful marketing sites including http://www.billoreilly.com. In his books, “Internet Riches” and “e-Riches 2.0”, Scott introduces you to tools, tricks, tips and strategies in launching a successful e-business, literally overnight and, in many cases for no money out of pocket. Even better, Scott keeps himself accessible to answer questions through his websites (e.g. scottfox.com, clickmillionaires.com), blogs and regular podcasts through blogtalkradio.com. Scott is truly committed to help develop a new generation of financially independent e-entrepreneurs.

5. “The Renegade Network Marketer” by Ann Sieg

I’ve literally watched Ann’s progress from being a frustrated network marketer to, now, running an internet marketing training empire in only 5 short years. While the title of this book may sound like it’s geared toward network marketers, it’s lessons are applicable to anyone who is serious about generating leads for their products or business on the internet – and developing an income stream through the marketing activities themselves.

I feel so strongly about these 5 books that I REQUIRE anyone, who wants to partner with me, to prove to me that they’ve read them first before I’ll sit down with them. (Yes, I even have a test.) Business, online or offline, for that matter, is tough enough. These 5 books make it easier and are as close to a short-cut as there is.