Creating An Online Business By Taking Paid Online Surveys Everyday

Taking paid surveys online everyday is a great way to build your online business. So many people are flocking to work from home in 2018 due to rising gas costs, saving more time for the family, etc.

What people fail to realize is a business exist in regards to following a passion of sharing your opinion with surveys.

When a company reaches out to a sample company, they want to utilize the over 80 years of experience market research companies have in this area. Whether it is increasing sales, help with an ad, finding the right price point for a product or service, or the countless other areas of interest for the business.

Over the years I have learned what it all basically boils down to is cost. Whether it is how much the sample company will save them in the long run vs the cost of the actual survey campaign(s) etc.

The sample companies are so good these days they can almost guarantee success with a particular product or service. Many have computer programs that are able to predict future sales based on global survey campaigns. The data received after a quantitative survey campaign is injected into a computer and all kinds of good results is handed over to the buyer.

The results are then utilized by the decision makers to make changes or to just leave everything as is. The relationship between buyer and sample company is vital for this process. The more hands on the sample company is the better it is for the buyers.

This is why the market research industry is a billion dollar industry year after year.

When participants take a particular survey they are blind to many of the facts that go on beyond the scenes. They sign up for a program thinking they are going to make some quick cash and then wonder why they get disqualified for trying to rush through a survey. Sometimes they do not think of the cost associated when creating the surveys nor the importance of the information from your honest answers.

The information a survey participant supplies is crucial for the project or study that is on going. Being accurate throughout your survey experiences will also open up doors for more high paying paid surveys that would not have been accessible if you did not exhibit ethical behaviour throughout.

Taking the paid online surveys everyday allows a person to build their profile with particular survey companies faster. Making time to take your surveys on your laptop or mobile devices will help you to achieve financial success in an area your passionate about. Over time the higher paid surveys will be consistently asked of you because you have a huge reputation for ethical behaviours while taking them.

Credit Card Processing For Your Online Business

In the present harsh economic times, many people are gearing towards starting online businesses. Why? Not only do they save up on space payments but also considerably cut on start-up costs. You also save up on insurance and utility costs. Many business owners are incorporating this idea into their systems, and after some period of time, they intend to be entirely online based. If you set up an online based business-be it large-scale or small-scale, most of your services payments will be through cards. If you do not accommodate or accept card transactions, then you will lose an immense number of sales. What most clients look for is the plastic money service, and if you do not accommodate or accept them, they move to another website which will accept their mode of payment. A recent study showed that those online businesses that accept credit card payments have sales up to 400% higher than the ones which don’t.

The easy way in which you can set up your business to accept card payment is amazing. For the set up, you have two alternatives. You could apply for the traditional merchant account at a bank. With this choice, you will have to pay the set up fees and an extra charge every month. The other option is to look for a card processing company online, which provide you with credit card services, without charging any set up fees. For a small business or if you are just establishing or starting an online business, you have to check and find a reliable card processing service provider. At first, you will not be able to foresee how many transactions you will undertake per month. Therefore, avert going for the lower transaction fee-higher monthly payment. Until you are certain of the number of transactions in a month, you should go for the higher transaction-lower monthly pay fee. With the latter option, you will pay for each transaction and about $10 per month.

Thorough research and scrutiny of the online card processing providers will ensure that you sign up with the right company. You should be attentive to any company that offers bonuses and extra applications. You should choose a company that will be able to alert you, through your phone or mail, of any credit card payments and transactions. It will cost you considerably less if you accept $70 credit card payment than creating, printing and mailing an invoice to the client. Whether you are starting a small online business or extending your already successful business, accepting card payment will substantially decrease debts. This will increase the overall cash flow hence increasing profits for the business. Constantly making high profits will ensure the prosperity of your business.

All in all, you should be familiar with the overall credit card processing procedure. It is essential to know what your business needs or requires and how you can make it happen. Don’t lag behind because it will undoubtedly cost you a great deal and to some extent, even your business. Credit card processing is crucial, and it will lift your business to greater heights than it has ever reached.

5 Steps To Building An Online Business Directory

Starting an online business directory can be pretty easy, but if you have no clue of where and how to start then by reading this article it will help you to get started.

Step One:

The first thing you need to know about starting a business directory online is what is your target market going to be, in other words what kind of businesses do you eventually want to include in your new business directory.

If you already have a current business online or offline then you will already know your target market, and you can move forward to step two in this article.

However, if you have no idea what your target market will be, then you will need to do some research, I would recommend starting a business directory about something popular and which is going to earn you an income down the road or. That will gradually help grow your current business.

Here are some very popular and profitable niches for an online business directory you could start.

1: RealEstate Directory

2: Travel Directory

3: Online Dating Directory

4: Automotive Directory

5: Fashion Directory

There are so many more and to find them just go to or and see what is popular on those sites, or you could go to Google and do a search for keyword terms like “Hot Niches” or “Popular Niches” or “Popular Business” get the idea..

Then after you have decided on the niche for your new business directory, you will need to either buy or register your domain name.

Step Two:

Buying or registering the right domain name for your new online business directory will be the most important thing, so you need to make sure you get this correct from the start.

A good domain name should be no longer than two to three words, and it should contain the name of the niche and the word directory in it and should always be a .com if you can help it other wise you should go for the .net domain if the .com for the domain you want is already taken and is not for sale.

Therefore, for example if I was going to start a new business directory about the niche real estate the ideal domain name would be or but all good domain names like this have already been taken, but they may be up for sale so just visit the website and see.

If you find the domain name is not for sale then you could also try adding a dash between the two words.. Like this or and see if they have been taken or not, and if they are taken see if they are for sale.

If you have to go with a three word domain name you could enter something like your town or city name in front of the domain so it could be.. Like this or and see if it has been taken.

A great free online resource I have found to help brain storm a new domain name and see if they have been taken or not is, give them a try.

Once you have found the domain name for your new online business directory it is time to register it, I recommend for this as they are the cheapest and offer the best services.

Step Three:

Now that you have got your domain name for your new online business directory it is time to find a hosting company, and I have tried many and the best I have found is which is owned by, and they have been around for a very long time and they have thousands of happy customers.

Step Four:

Now that you have got your hosting account for your new online business directory it is time to build the directory.

Now you could do this a number of different ways but it all comes down to the amount of money you wish to spend.

If money is not an option for you, then I would recommend hiring a PHP coder from a website like or or and get them to build a custom solution for you, this way you will make your new business directory stand out from all the other cookie cutter directories that are online these days using an off the shelf PHP directory script.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with these types of scripts, and we use one our self for our own Link Directory, but we have gone a step further and have had a custom template created for our directory which has turned out to be a very good investment.

The directory script we use and recommend if you are on a very limited starting budget is

Step Five:

Now we come to the final step and which is promoting your new business directory, this can be done with or without spending money.

I will list five free options and five paid options below you can start to help get the word out about your directory.

Free Options:

1: Join online forums and discussion groups related to your new business directory and make a post inviting business owners to list their website/business in your directory for free or at a discounted rate.

2: This one is related to 1: make sure you add a Sig line linking to your directory in all the posts you make in the forums you have joined.

3: Submit your business directory to other free link directories online, just do a search in Google for the key word Link Directory.

4: Link to your business directory from your other websites that you already own or run this way the search engines will find your directory and index it.

5: Send out and email to friends or customers and ask them to link back to your business directory and in exchange link back to their website from your directory if it is relevant.

Paid Options:

1: Start a Google AdWords campaign to instantly start driving traffic to your business directory, but be careful because if you do not know what you are doing with AdWords you could end up spending a lot of money without any results.

2: Buy some paid links from other websites or directories that are similar to your own business directory.

3: Submit your business directory to the Yahoo directory at a cost of $299 per year. Being listed in the yahoo directory will make your directory more creditable in the eyes of the search engines and your visitors.

4: Buy some advertising in offline news papers if your directory targets businesses in your local area.

5: Buy banner ads on other websites that relate to your business directory and try and to negotiate for a 6-12 month period because your can greatly reduce you’re over all banner advertising costs.