Online Business Travel and Time Sharing

The term “staycation” is a paradox in itself. It has the word “stay” in it, which is the total opposite of the other half of the word-vacation, which means to spend time away from home. However, the amalgamation of both terms brings out a new meaning, and it’s something quite a lot of people do these days, and that is to have some semblance of vacation while staying in. If flying out to another destination is a hassle, or when a weekend getaway at the beach costs an arm and a leg, spending the day in a place close to home, or at a place that’s homey enough could be the best option.

Since staying in has become a new way to spend leisure time, it would be wise to start investing in timesharing. Whether it’s for your personal use, or for online business travel, it will take a while before this trend gets old. A timeshare property is a place or resort that actually allows investors to purchase rights to own that property for a period of time. The customers could either own a property for a specific time each year, or if it has more than one property, the rights could be extended to those locations as well. Moreover, timeshare properties are not limited to resorts and hotels. This is also an option for posh condominiums or vacation houses.

People actually love staying in, especially if the amenities are superb and the other option will either clear out their bank accounts or cut the vacation short because of long travel time. Since your stay at a timeshare property is considered “pre-paid,” you don’t have to spring for cash every time you think about going away for a while. The cost of staying in a timeshare property is a lot lower compared to renting a hotel room or a space at another resort. Although the term itself is alarming because you’d think it is really that expensive to buy a part of the property, this is how it actually works: instead of buying the property yourself, you share the ownership to several other people so that you can stay there for a specific time each year.

Another thing to consider about timesharing is the kind of accommodation it offers. Sure, you can scout for low vacation packages online if you are that good at booking discount vacations. However, if you know your way around online business travel, you will know that investing in timeshare properties is the best way to go about it. Discount vacations offers you low rates, but at the expense of the quality of your accommodation. With timeshare, on the other hand, you practically own part of that resort, hotel, or condominium, that is why getting to stay there without having to pay much does not mean you have to cut corners around the quality of your vacation. Investing in timeshare actually gives you a higher standard of accommodation-if not the highest, it is at least a higher standard than most discount vacations can offer.

Investing in timeshare also gives you a guarantee that you have a place to stay or have your vacation in for at least a week every year. Timeshare are usually recorded in a public register, so not only does it trumps the shady nature of some travel packages, but it also means that you have rights to ownership in that specific property for a lifetime, provided that you pay annual fees on time. You’re even doing yourself a favor when you invest in a timeshare-if you’re the type of person who is really uptight when it comes to work, it will be like you are driving yourself to have at least a week of time off from work by owning a timeshare.

Investing a timeshare offers a lot of advantages, as mentioned earlier. If you’ll compare it to the amount of money you spend on vacations each year, you’ll still get a better deal in a timeshare. It does not really matter if you’re looking at personal use or online business travel purposes. The important thing to note is that it is a worthy investment, and probably the smartest place to put your money into.

Start a Business Online – Who Has the Time?

Time is a valuable commodity these days, especially considering the fast pace of most of our lives these days. Just ask anyone with a full-time job, a house-hold to care for, and a couple children. Time is precious, and there doesn’t seem to be enough to go around. To many of us, time is something we never have. Did you ever say or hear this? “I’m just so busy with the kids’ schedules,” or “Between my job and the kids, there’s just no time for anything else! How could I possibly start up a business and make it work?!” Yeah…I thought so.

Well, I’m here to bust that bubble, because these are just some of the types of people out there right now making it happen. Whether or not you want to believe it is irrelevant. Starting a business, online or anywhere, is a daunting and consuming gauntlet of TIME MANAGEMENT! You see, if you ever learned to ride a bike, smoke a cigarette, bake a cake, or throw a football then you can learn to manage your time better. And if this is to work, you do not have a choice. You must now make it work.

Whether you have already owned, currently run, or want to start up your business then you’re probably aware that there are a few tasks involved in the beginning: setting an advertising budget, maintaining a website and an online presence, and get traffic to said site. Plus, little Becky has a birthday party on Saturday, Tommy has soccer practice Monday through Thursday, and your spouse is sitting in the background moping because they feel neglected!

Pay close attention to this because it is important – the two things you sacrifice the most at the onset are time and money, and they are the two things you get paid back ten fold later on.

Begin to break your list of priorities into small parts and let your inner-organizer shine through. Take two items on your business list and get them accomplished over three mornings after the kids are in school, and if you work, late at night when everyone is in bed. Do the next two items starting the following Monday. Remember, there should be a balance to your time working and your time paying attention to those in your life, or you will go crazy and you will take them with you. There is no use in stressing out over a pile of twenty things that need to get done. It is counterproductive and you are trying to become a productive individual and entrepreneur. Hack away at the pile efficiently in parts and you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish.

That being said, remember you’re in this for the long haul. If you aren’t thinking long term, you’re wasting your time. Nothing happens over night and you must not quit! You made the commitment to start this so it’s on you to manage your time intelligently.