Healthy Tips To Get Pregnant Naturally

There are very many people who embark on the journey of making a baby without the right information. This usually leads to multiple complications where one might even end up losing the baby or having a traumatic experience. It is therefore very important to be well informed when you want to have a baby to ensure that everything runs smoothly during this period. There are very many experts out there who are willing to help out and all one has to do is get the right one to give them the right advice to follow.

One can also access various materials that have been written on tips for getting pregnant to know exactly what to do. This is where a person gets to learn that it is important to remain healthy at this time as this helps to increase the chances of carrying a healthy baby. Mothers are advised to eat balanced diets and avoid fizzy drinks, caffeine, and alcohol as this might affect the situation in a bad way. There are very many lists of food that are available that the mothers should eat to increase the chance of conceiving.

While going through the getting pregnant tips one may also know that is important to exercise and ensure that the body stays fit as one has an easier time carrying the pregnancy. One is also supposed to stop using any birth control method at least 2 or 3 months before to allow the body to adapt and create a hospitable environment where the baby will grow without any complications. It is also important for a woman to study her cycle carefully to know the right days to engage in sex and ensure they get the baby as fast as possible.

It is also important to note that most tips for getting pregnant advice the mother to avoid anything that might stress them out as this could be the reason why it is not happening soon enough. There are numerous activities that one can engage in to relax and have a good time to avoid clogging the brain with too many things that it cannot handle. You can also talk to someone that you trust to make you smile regardless of the situation as this is a good way to ensure that you are totally relaxed.

It is also recommended by the getting pregnant tips that one should enjoy the love making process as this also helps to increase the chances of getting a baby. One should also avoid working on a sex timetable as this might limit the chances of conceiving. Although this is not entirely true, there are some positions like missionary that one can try out to ensure that there is deep penetration so that the sperm gets to its correct position fast without any restrictions. Don’t be afraid to try engaging in sexual intercourse as many times as you can to maximize on chances of becoming expectant.

Anal Sex: Here’s How To Make Your Woman BEG YOU For It – YES, Really – BEG YOU FOR IT

You may think that the title of this article sounds too good to be true – but it’s 100% serious. You are about to discover exactly how to make your woman beg you for anal sex.

If you want to do your woman ‘up the back door’ but she isn’t currently too happy about the idea, here is how to make her want anal sex.

Most guys approach the issue of anal sex with their woman totally the wrong way. Here are a few examples of common methods that men use to try to get their woman to have anal sex with them.

If you are currently using any of the following ideas, stop it straight away:

Mistake #1: They try to persuade their woman to have anal sex with them by using logical arguments. For a woman sex is virtually 100% emotional. Therefore, logical arguments are a total waste of time.

Mistake #2: Some men just try to ‘slip it in the back door’ when they are making love to them and hope their woman just lets them carry on with it. This is a terrible idea and one that you must avoid because it will probably hurt your woman and this could turn her off the idea of anal sex for a very long time.

Worse still, it may break the sexual trust that you have with your woman. And when you lose that all important trust, you can say goodbye to your woman doing the really dirty, naughty stuff (like ‘back door action’) with you.

So now that you know how not to try to get your woman to have anal sex with you, I can share the secret of how to make your woman beg you for anal sex.

Pay attention, this is going to be fun…

For starters, stop viewing anal sex as something that you need to ‘win’ from your woman and something that at best she’ll tolerate in order to allow you to have a good time. There isn’t a real man on the planet who thinks like that.

Instead, adopt the belief that you are going to cause your woman to link massive amounts of pleasure to anal sex.

That is the most important step, so I’ll repeat it – you are going to cause your woman to link massive amounts of pleasure to anal sex.

And they way you do this is in very small steps.

You cannot expect her to go from having never had anything up her butt, to taking your whole ‘tool’ all in one night.

It ain’t gonna happen.

No, no, no – your game plan for back door action has to be much cleverer than that. But don’t worry; I have already got the game plan for you, so all you have to do it put it into action…

The 5 Step Plan To Make Your Woman Beg You For Anal Sex

Step 1: Use your tongue to give your woman oral pleasure, wait until she is just about to come and then gently rub her asshole with your finger. Keep rubbing it as she comes and you have started the process of getting her to link pleasure to her ass.

Step 2: Do the same as step one, but this time insert the tip of your finger into her butt as she is about to come and carry on doing it during her orgasm.

Step 3: Repeat the process again, this time inserting much more of your finger (all of it if possible), into her ‘back door’ as she gets on the verge of orgasm and during her orgasm

Step 4: Get a butt plug (start with a small one) and get her used to taking this up her ass. Be sure to insert the butt plug as she is about to come and during her orgasm. This way she links massive pleasure to her ass being touched by you

Step 5: Get your woman extremely turned on and wet. Give her a clitoral orgasm (with anal fingering) and then give her a deep spot orgasm. Next, bring out the lube and attempt to put your tool in her back door (use the doggy style position).

Chances are that she’ll help you get inside her and totally enjoy the process. If she struggles to take you, repeat steps 3 and 4 and then retry step 5. Sooner or later she will beg you to take her in her butt.

I’m the first to admit that this process is not set in stone.

You have to be flexible in your approach. But this IS the way to do it if you want your woman to absolutely LOVE it when you take her in the butt.

After-all, do you really want her to just oblige you because you begged for it, OR do you want to expertly and patiently make her crave back door action?

If you want to make her crave it, use this 5 step process and be ready to repeat certain steps if need be. At the end of the day, it’s all good fun!

Let me know how you get on.

Anal Sex Health Risks

Anal Sex is any stimulation of the anus meant to derive pleasure. It includes anal intercourse which is penetration of the anorectal canal with an erect penis. According to health professionals anus sex is the riskiest sexual behavior. The following are some of the reasons why anal sex is risky:

1. The tissue surrounding the anus and rectum is thin and easy to tear. In fact most of it is mucous membrane which is very prone to tears which cause complications such as fissures. The mucous membrane also plays host to many viruses such as the Human Papilloma Virus.

2. Under the mucous membrane which surrounds the anorectal canal is highly vascular tissue. This is tissue with very many blood vessels. This increases the risk of coming into contact with blood. Blood contact is a sure way of getting infected with diseases such as HIV/AIDS

3. Did you know that semen has immunosuppressive properties? This is meant to help the sperm evade the female defenses in the vagina to fertilize an egg. It lowers your defenses in the rectum making you even more prone to infections.

4. The sphincter muscles which surround the opening of the anus are not strong enough and can easily get damaged during anus sex. Damage to these muscles causes an inability to hold feces also called fecal incontinence.

5. Despite the name, the mucous membrane surrounding the anorectal canal produces no lubrication like a vagina. This makes it very prone to irritation by foreign objects which can lead to medical complications such as rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids.

6. The anorectal canal plays host to very many bacteria not meant for any other part of the body. Contact with these bacteria can cause very serious illness.

7. The rectum has a very high concentration of white blood cells. The HIV retrovirus reproduces within the T cells/cD4 cells of white blood cells. This makes infection of with HIV very likely in case of anal intercourse with an infected person due to the high viral load and concentration around the anorectal canal.

8. Most of the health complications caused by anal sex cannot be prevented by condoms. Even the rate of condom failure in anal sex is very high and only specific condoms are recommended for anal sex. Condoms can only protect you from infections during anal sex.

9. Anal cancers begin when normal cells in or around the anus begin to change and grow uncontrollably forming a mass called a tumor. A cancer is a malignant tumor meaning it can spread to other parts of the body destroying surrounding tissue. Symptoms include bloating, change in bowel habits, lump near anus, rectal bleeding or itching. Most anal cancers are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Just like the HIV virus, the above properties of the rectum make it very easy for the transmission of the HPV virus. Anal cancer when diagnosed late usually leads to death.

10. HPV is a member of the papillomavirus family of viruses and is capable of infecting humans. The HPV virus establishes productive infections only in stratified epithelium or mucous membrane. The rectum is lined by a mucous membrane and most of the anus is covered by stratified epithelial skin. This makes the anorectal canal a good home for the HPV virus. Most of the nearly 200 strains of HPV cause no symptoms in people but some have visible ones such as warts. Some of the high risk strains of HPV have been associated with penile cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, vulva cancer and anal cancer.